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Wingman has expanded into brand new offices

"I am so delighted that our patience paid off. Finding the right (quality) office space, with room to grow will propel the Wingman team into 2024 and beyond."

A brand new office. Room to grow, in lots of ways.

When we took on our old office space 2 years ago, we assumed we would be there forever and never outgrow it. 18 months into our 3 year lease, we knew we had a problem.

From the old …

In June 2023, we started to look for a bigger, better space for our expanding team. Somewhere where we could plan campaigns, share ideas, upskill team members and enjoy the working environment.

… to the new

Fast forward 6 months, and over the weekend just gone, we finally moved into our new home and it’s already been transformational.

Company meetings (with or without pizza) are now a joy. 

Some of the Wingman team at work

Whilst one day we can see ourselves in the whole building – for now – we’re incredibly happy in the top half!

The team have settled in nicely and we’re really looking to hosting clients throughout 2024.

The last thing to say is Happy Christmas and cheers (and thanks to Brewdog for sending us some cans of Wingman – it’s really appreciated!)

Wingmen with Wingman beer 🙂

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