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ADC Solutions: Another happy Wingman MSP Marketing client

"I had proposals from 4 different specialist web agencies. You understood. You'd asked the questions.
It just blew me away."

A new brand and a new online presence

ADC Solutions is a Managed Services Provider based in Oklahoma City, US, dedicated to delivering technology and supporting dentists around the city and the wider state.

Allan Khalil, the owner, partnered with Wingman MSP Marketing to create a new brand, a shiny new website presence and video testimonials to showcase the great work that ADC had done over the years. The previous website was tired and out of date and simply didn’t do Allan and his team justice. 

You can see the “before” and “after” in the video below.

As the fifth client in a series of video interviews about the services Wingman clients have enjoyed so far, Allan reflects on the results that have been achieved with our help in the video below.

"I've spoken to anyone who's mentioned anything about a website and told them, you need to talk to Mark at Wingman - it's just not an option, not to!"

We help MSPs present themselves, brilliantly to prospects

Brands get tired. Logos get outdated. Designs go out of vogue. We provide a new look and a new direction. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Through our discovery process and getting to know our MSP clients, we create or adapt brands to reflect who they are today.

ADC Solutions had grown quickly through reputation, but recognised they needed to have a website which represented who they were today. It needed to showcase their clients and tell their story. It now does.

We’re proud to let our clients tell their stories. Hear about Allan’s journey below.

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