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“So, tell me about your industry …”

– all generic marketing agencies.

With Wingman, we don’t need to ask that question.
We are already immersed in our brilliant industry.
MSPs, Vendors and IT are what we live and breathe.

This means we can focus on what we’re good at …
helping you start more conversations with prospects.

Wingman was founded by Dave Sutton ...

Falling into the MSP world by way of a happy accident, suffering redundancies while working in the facilities sector at the break of the banking crisis, Dave found himself at home.

Falling immediately in love with the opportunity, scale and business model of MSPs, Dave began his sector career by supporting the growth and development of a then small family business, which was hungry to evolve and grow.

Progressing his career on through two further MSPs operating in niche specialist areas, Dave developed a very deep understanding of achieving success as an MSP – with many growth goal accolades under his belt.

Dave spotted a gap in market to better serve MSPs from a sales & marketing perspective, while in his earlier years in the sector. Operating at the time as a one-man team, the need arose to outsource some of the function – this was however with little success.

The passion to address this need within the market grew until he took the plunge of starting Wingman in late 2017. 6+ years later, the team and client-base continues to grow. 

... and Mark Copeman joined as a partner in 2022.

A serial entrepreneur, in April 2018, Mark sold his 50% share in the 1-click customer satisfaction SaaS tool, Customer Thermometer.

After 8 years of growth, he built the business up to 1,000+ customers, winning the likes of Facebook and Dropbox.

After his exit, Mark founded Wisecurve and spent 4 years consulting with MSPs around the world and writing MSP Secrets Revealed (episodes 1&2) and Helpdesk Habits, as well as being the creator of the online customer service video programme

He is a regular online and live conference speaker on the subject of customer experience & marketing for MSPs. His live MSP website teardowns are always a crowd pleaser.

Mark is married with 2 children and lives in the village of Bray, the home of 25% of the UK’s 3-starred Michelin restaurants. He loves to cook and run, but not necessarily at the same time.

They've created a full service marketing team, dedicated to helping MSPs & vendors win more customers

Just some of our brilliant team...

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