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Practicing what we preach

We thought about creating a menu containing 25 different marketing services, but we decided to practice what we preach and keep our message and offer simple.

There are three ways we work with clients. 


Put us to the test.
How about a free website review & action plan?

Claim your review today and Wingman's Mark Copeman will send over a video with more value that you can possibly imagine to set you on the right path, with our compliments.


Get to know us.
Let's start refining your offer.

Spend a couple of hours with Wingman's founder, Dave Sutton, who will guide you through our proven "Message Builder" process for unwrapping your MSP's offer to the world. It'll be time and money very well spent.
He'll report back with a document for you to take and use with any agency you choose. We hope it's us - but that's for you to decide.


Enjoy our all-inclusive, vCMO Concorde service

We know you’re here to help with finding new customers. 

Our job is to get you conversations with prospects – plus we’ll even help you to turn those prospects into customers.

We will do this through our proven vCMO Concorde process.

You’ll get immediate deliverables and results will follow in time. How do we know this? Because we work hard every month to win your business.

Want the really good news?

We’ll keep your involvement to an absolute minimum – as we know you’re busy running your business.

Pay monthly. No commitment*.

We tailor your package to what you need.
If your website isn't right - we'll get it right first. If your website is already working - we'll focus on social proof or driving traffic.

Your Concorde package ...

Messaging and offer creation

Through our proven Message Builder process, we begin any project with getting to know you and your business.
We will work together to create your key messages and an offer to wow your audience.

Website build / refinement

Your website is the key to success when it comes to starting conversations with visitors and winning new business.
Getting this platform right is key both on day 1 and day 1,000. It's a living, breathing thing which we will help you to keep live and engaging.

Lightning fast hosting & security services

We'd be very happy to host your website for you - we do it for dozens of other MSPs. We work hard to keep the platform secure and fast. You have access to your site whenever you wish - it's yours after all ...

Ongoing visitor / page stats & analysis

Paralysis by analysis if you're not careful. That said, how can you improve if you don't measure? We feel we've the right balance in our reporting.
Each month expect to hear from us with the stats which matter.

On and off page SEO services

Initially we will work with you to complete an honest keyword analysis where we set expectations of traffic and liklihood of ranking well.
From there, we will set the site up correctly and work ongoing at off-page SEO to create back links and get you noticed.

Ongoing site updates

Websites never sleep. Through a combination of human and automatic intervention, we keep your site up to date both technically and through content publishing too.

Social Media - Wingman style

Keeping the messages coming can become hard work. At Wingman, we manage social media accounts for many businesses and ensure the content which is published works.
We don't do bland. We focus on getting you noticed.

Proposal design and refinement

There's no point in having conversations with customers if your proposal process doesn't work. We'll help, advise refine or design in conjunction with our Message Builder process. Creating an offer and communicating it well are key components of our service.

Video testimonial production

Social proof is everything.
Prospects need to trust your business can deliver. The best way to display that trust is through your clients. Video is the ultimate social proof. We will work with you to produce remote and face to face testimonials.

Written client testimonials

Continuing the theme - video isn't always possible - however there's no excuse not to create written testimonials. Our team is skilled in interviewing clients to get the right kind of soundbytes to help sell what you do.

Supply of contact data for outbound campaigns

With the marketing platform built, Wingman has access to contact data around the world. Whether you're a vendor or an MSP - we've a solution to help.

Team access to our in-house CRM system

We've spent the last 5 years building our inhouse system - Radar CRM.
When you work with Wingman, this is the system where we'll run your campaigns for complete transparency.

Regular content creation

Nothing stands still. If you want to get noticed - your website needs to be kept live with content and that's exactly what we do.
Our content team produces IT content on a daily basis for our clients all over the world.

Telemarketing services (UK only)

With an-house team of skilled telemarketers, we make sure that we cover all angles of communication. We'll work on your behalf to help you to start conversations and you'll have full transparency of our work through Radar CRM.

Integrated campaign creation

Combining our services is our strength. Whilst we offer different marketing disciplines, the real magic happens when we bring it all together.

Google review generation services

Google Reviews are such an important component of any MSP's online presence. So often we see minimal reviews. As part of our Concorde suite, we'll provide you with the tools to ensure you keep those public reviews coming ...

Google Business Profile management

Another vital component of your online presence. Getting your GBP right initially is important to help you to be found. Keeping it uptodate with content is another way we help our clients to succeed online.

PPC Management

Pay per click management of Google Ads and/or sponsored campaigns within LinkedIn or Facebook.

Business award submissions

Winning bawards ensure you're seen as an industry leader. Creating detailed submissions can be time consuming but are essential to compete.

vCMO ongoing access & quarterly reviews

We know, having worked with dozens of MSPs over the last few years the importance of adhoc advice and occasional conversations can make such a difference. When you engage with Wingman - this is exactly what you get - a hotline to your very own Virtual Chief Marketing Officeer to help drive your conversations forward.

** Our crazy, remove-all risk-guarantee **

If we haven't delivered what you perceive to be of value after 3 months, we will give you a full refund.

*There's one exception.
If we build a new website,
we ask for a six month minimum commitment.