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Take a test flight with Wingman.
Get to know us, as we get to know your business.

Give yourself the best possible chance to engage new prospects by having a clear, well-messaged approach to marketing & sales. 

With our Jetstream consultancy, you will work through a journey that helps you to better understand your business’s direction of travel, what you can uniquely bring to the market and how to appeal to your prospects’ needs and desires.

We have guided hundreds of people through this process; with dozens of MSPs finding new, strategic direction through a proven journey. We would love to guide you too…

“I am so appreciative of your insights today!  I was hopeful that you could clarify our strategy and you most certainly did just that.

Thank you for renewing my energy and clarifying a focused strategy. We will keep you posted and be in touch as we move forward.”

MSP in Calgary, Canada 


Your MSP needs to be seen as unique in your market.

Too often we see MSPs invest time, money and energy in ‘doing marketing‘ without considering the fundamentals of the business and its aims. We want to help you avoid that mistake and set you on the path to success.

  • Do you know what your business is trying to achieve and how to make that real?
  • Do you have a plan of what you want to say? 
  • Do you know who you should be saying it to?
  • Do you know the messages that will best resonate with your audience to cultivate their interest? 

Without these answers, and more, your efforts will likely not achieve the best results.

What and how?

Let's get your MSP off to a flying start.

We’ve run dozens of Jetstream consultations with MSPs around the world. We really do understand where you’re at and what you’re feeling right now – you are not alone.
Over a couple of hours online on the virtual chaise longue (or F2F if practical), we’ll take you through our proven process …
  • About you: The ‘story’ of your business, your growth journey, structure/people/process
  • Your Vision: Where you’re wanting to head, plans for exit and realising your dreams
  • Proposition: How you go to market, calls to action, pricing, your proposal, how & where you win or lose clients
  • Customer: Target demographics, what they need/desire, proposition alignment
  • Strategy: Approach, language, differentiation
  • Action: The how, when, where and why to getting started, budgeting, targeting and measurement
At the end of the session, you’ll have a ton more ideas and tactics as a result of the discussion. It’s also a chance to re-evaluate / validate where you’re heading.
We will then write up the session into a tangible MSP Marketing action plan, with tactical suggestions, priorities, key messages and campaign ideas.
This normally gets to 35+ pages.

This plan is then yours to own.

Take it elsewhere … deliver it in-house …
or, the Wingman team can use it as the basis for working with you over the coming months.

Happy msp partners ACROSS THE GLOBE

“Spot on!”

Wingman provided me with an excellent outsider’s perspective of my whole go-to-market proposition and pricing.

I am now ready and far more confident to start engaging the market at-large to grow my MSP.”

Davide Santangelo, CEO | TipTop IT, London, UK.


“Well received!”

We have been able to re-shape how we best present our value to clients and prospects, alike.

We can now position a unique approach to the target audience of our MSP.”

Melvin Lim, Manager | AsiaCloud, Singapore.

How it works ...

Discovery session

We get under the skin of your MSP's business - map out your ethos, values and processes, while also exploring the customers you serve and the value you bring them; to identify what makes you unique.

Industry research & strategy

We will then conduct research and study the best go-to-market strategy. This exercise helps form your marketing messages and plan, that are best shaped to the intended target audience.

Getting this platform right is key both on day 1 and day 1,000. Marketing is a living, breathing "thing", which we can help you to keep live and engaging.

Create a campaign plan

We will handover to you our suggested framework messages and strategy to implement in your marketing campaigns (whether with Wingman as your partner or not).

Create an action plan

Within the document we will present to you, will be a tangible set of actions for you to undertake that will immediately level-up your whole proposition, website, branding and go-to-market activities.

Hear from someone who’s been through the process

All for only...

£999 / US$1,299

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