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Expert marketing & sales services for IT vendors across the world

The insights we collect each day from our MSP campaigns, deliver unrivalled insights to help set your vendor's tech marketing strategy on a tried and tested path.

Yes, we’re Wingman “MSP” Marketing …

Because of our experience, track record and contacts across the MSP industry, we naturally partner with vendors too, across 5 different areas …


Thought leadership from people who really understand the MSP industry

Directors, Dave Sutton and Mark Copeman, are regular contributors and panelists for our vendor partners.

As a self-confessed, "C-list celebrity", Mark frequently appears on stage around the world, supporting partners and adding value with live website reviews and insightful presentations. You can see his speaking calendar here.

Podcast guests
Event keynotes
Panel appearances
Webinar presentations
1:1 partner marketing clinics
Branded 'MSP Secrets Revealed' books

Add value to your partners. Bring in Wingman to inspire their sales and marketing journeys.

"Mark has been invaluable in providing both thought leadership AND practical advice to our partners in the form of 1:1 partner clinics and webinars across all of our regions in EMEA.

The webinars have been amongst the most successful we've ever run. We've received amazing feedback and I highly recommend the Wingman team if you're looking for expert thought leadership!"

Anna Becker, partner marketing, EMEA, Sophos


Marketing services for vendor partners

We know that you have marketing teams in place, but we also get that they’re overloaded. We also know that it gets harder and harder to come up with innovative campaign concepts. An external team can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.

MSPs deliver co-managed services. Wingman does the same.

Supplement your team with ours. Get a fresh perspective from a team that works with MSPs every day of the week and let’s work together to drive partner recruitment and engagement.

From white papers, email campaigns, video or landing page builds, we’ve been populating partner portals for years.

Campaign creation

Gamification & education

Campaign execution

Content creation

Collateral production

Video production

"I’m obsessed! 😃 This is really high-quality stuff, Bryony!
Thank you SO much!

This is a superb doc to share with our product marketing team. I found myself just wanting to comment on how great certain areas were, rather than making actual edits."

Partner marketing manager, cybersecurity vendor


Harness our telemarketing team

With a dedicated team in our UK HQ and a partner team in North America, we’ve everything you need to reach out to prospects, and target partners.

Use your own systems or connect to our very own RADAR™ CRM. We’ve the people and processes to deliver …

MSP contact data provision
List cleaning
Market research
Webinar event registration
Phone-based partner recruitment campaigns

Our recent webinar campaigns have created an average of 25+ registrations
(net new prospects) for each event.


Packages which stand out, for your MDF catalogue

MDF and ROI go hand in hand. We get it.

Add our discrete, bespoke, packages to your MDF catalogue, for your partners to take advantage of, whether fully or matched funded.

Email marketing campaigns
Online event campaigning
F2F event attendee recruitment
SEO projects
Website / landing page builds

"Amazing presentation – one of the best I’ve seen in the MSP space for a long time. Jaw dropping stuff."

Chris Tate (industry legend)


Insights into the MSP market

Between us, we’ve been doing this for a long time and have had contact with hundreds of IT organisations across the world. 

Dave Sutton has grown two previous MSPs and founded Wingman Marketing in 2017. 

Mark Copeman has been part of multiple ventures in the channel, has written 3 books and created the successful Helpdesk Habits programme.

If you’re looking for advice – you’ve come to the right place. 

Go to market strategies
Launching in a new market
Consulting & validation
You can event rent our brains for an hour

"Mark's Website Teardown webinars were a huge hit — some of the highest registration and engagement numbers we've seen.

Our audience learned tons of techniques
they could apply right away to attract new customers
and grow their businesses in a fun and interactive way."

Caitlin Good, Marketing Program Manager