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What’s your Space Station story?

Tell stories … share your experiences … be more human.

So far in 2024, Mark and I have had 1:1 conversations with around 35 different MSPs around the world. Yesterday’s conversation was exceptional and it got us thinking.

This conversation was a marketing clinic with a solopreneur in the US – he’s only been full time in his new business for the last 12 months and we asked him about his experiences to date.

The stand out conversation? When he was a support technician for a vendor, he took a support call from NASA. He was then patched through to the International Space Station to talk to real life astronauts to troubleshoot a hardware and software issue.


Mark may have swooned a little – as a lover of all things space exploration.

In our experience, about us pages are often the second most looked at page on an MSP’s website. Why? Because people buy from people and so they are naturally curious about who’s behind the business they are thinking of contacting. Too many of these pages are bland and it’s time to up the ante.

This particular solopreneur used this NASA anecdote as a throw away line (until Mark jumped on it) … he now realises this is part of his story. It needs to be on his About us page.


Site visitors can latch on to stories and when first meetings happen – these types of stories inevitably come up in conversation … An hour later, the prospect has got to know you (and hopefully vice versa). Eventually you get round to talking about IT – but in the meantime, THEY’VE BOUGHT INTO YOU AS A HUMAN BEING.

Stories are important, but do not forget the faces. Too many times MSP’s don’t have a face, who is telling me the Space Station story? As I said, people buy from people, show them the face of that person. Whether that is a team photo in your office or a picture of you as a solopreneur.

See our lovely faces here!

Real people = credibility. Prove to your prospects that you aren’t just ‘another faceless IT support provider’.

Prospects buy with emotion and look to validate with logic.

People buy from people and that will never change.

That process all starts with your about us page 🚀

Check out Wingman’s About Us page linked below to hear our story!

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