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The importance of being niche

"Business gets easier when you know where your prospects hang out ..."

The importance of being niche

All my business life, I’ve been told to go niche. For many years I tried and failed, often trying to be all things to all people. In 2012, I fell into the amazing IT industry I’m now part of, whilst growing Customer Thermometer.

For the past 11 years, I’ve continued to be part of it and hopefully serve MSPs and vendors all over the world.

The power of niche has finally become clear to me as I sit at LHR waiting for BA275 to transport me to Vegas for  Kaseya’s ConnectIT conference.

I’m going to be speaking, recording client testimonials, meeting customers and prospects as well as being introduced to dozens more MSPs I’ve never met before.

On top of that and perhaps most importantly, I’m going to be reconnecting with friends and colleagues flying in from all over the world. 

My message? If you’re an MSP owner fighting against focusing on a niche, think again. The power of becoming known in an industry, delivering value (regardless of money changing hands) and becoming a c-list celebrity (ok, maybe d-list) is both joyous and great for business. Daniel Priestley’s Key Person of Influence book helped me to realise this and I think him for that.

It might feel like a brave choice, but when you know who your potential audience is, where they hang out and what sort of help they need, everything becomes easier.

If we’ve met before, please come and say hi. if we’ve never met and you’d like to talk MSP marketing and niches, I’d be delighted.

Here’s to the next few days … ✈️

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