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Photo of Adam from Coastal Computing

Coastal Computing LLC: another happy Wingman MSP Marketing client

"You’d be an idiot if you
don’t take this service!"

Coastal Computing and Wingman – working in partnership

We spoke to Adam Casgar, the owner of Coastal Computing Consulting. Based in Southeast Georgia, USA, we have helped Coastal Computing build a sustainable marketing strategy catered to their market and unique brand. 

In the video, Adam discusses how our Message Builder process (now called Jetstream) has aided his IT company and describes it as ‘the best money ever spent’ and says that is has had a massive impact on his advertising outcomes. 

Here at Wingman, we give our clients options and tools on how they want to approach boosting their business effectively. We ensure that they are on board every step of the way and that we are reaching their goals and targets by maintaining clear and regular communication. 

Adam worked closely with our MD, Dave Sutton, who knew about Coastal Computing’s market and how to help a company with zero to no knowledge of advertising their brand. Adam recalls being asked all the important questions such as ‘where do you see your company?’ and ‘where do you want to go?’ This installed confidence in Adam as he was reassured that Dave knew how to help his business succeed. 

Adam was so impressed with the service received that he insists that you need to invest money into this service if you want a REAL marketing plan for your business.  

Our team is committed to assisting MSPs in charting their path to success through effective marketing strategies so, if you find yourself unsure about where to start, our Jetstream process is just what you need. 

We will collaborate closely with you to develop a compelling message that resonates with your specific target audience. Additionally, we will provide guidance on budgeting, targeting, measurement, and help you plan actionable campaigns. 

Alternatively, you can click one of the buttons below to initiate a conversation. We would be delighted to talk with you and explore how we can support your marketing endeavours like we have at Coastal Computing. 

Adam spoke to us for 15 mins about our partnership. We’ve distilled it into 2 minutes for you below …

We believe that marketing is about creating relationships.

Our team is dedicated to helping MSPs map out and achieve their goals through marketing. 

If you aren’t sure where to begin, our Jeststream process is exactly what you need. 

We’ll work closely with you to not only align a compelling message that’s tailored to your target audience, but help you through budgeting, targeting & measurement, while planning actionable campaigns too. 

Alternatively – hit one of the buttons below. We’d love to start a conversation …

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