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Photo of an Interview

Video Testimonial Interview Guidance

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed!

Why this matters so much

Your contribution here (hopefully 15 mins max) will be hugely valued – so let’s make the most of our time together.

Your client will be incredibly grateful to you. Having ‘social proof’ from happy customers, is one of the most valuable things for any business. Far too many B2B companies and their websites don’t have any form of testimonial available to share.

Preparing for the Zoom call

There’s really no need to prepare any answers – Mark, or one of our interviewers will simply ask you about your experiences of dealing with your partner/supplier and ask you to talk about why you might recommend them, how they’ve helped your business and perhaps what life was like before they arrived on the scene.

Talk from the heart would be our best advice – tell stories and keep your answers reasonably brief.

Whilst we’ll record a 10ish min interview with you, the final output will be 90-120 seconds. Your partner/supplier will see the full transcript – and so anything you say will be captured, valued and enjoyed! It’s a great opportunity to provide feedback via an independent medium.

Setting up for the Zoom call

We want you to look great on camera – and quite often people don’t look the best when on a Zoom call. Let’s change that.

Here’s some pointers.

Try to make sure your eyes are on a level with your camera – prop your laptop up on books if need be!
Don’t look like this … multiple chins is never a good look.

Ideally, you wouldn’t wear headphones …. but don’t worry if you have no choice.

Try to make sure you’re completely in frame – not like this …

Also – make sure you’re lit from the front ideally – but definitely not from behind … That’s never a good look!

Try to make sure you’ve a nice looking backdrop (no virtual backdrops ideally).
Make sure any coffee cups and general desk mess are tidied away too.

This set up isn’t bad – but Mark needs to tidy up …

So apart from Mark’s face for radio, this looks pretty good – nicely framed, a clean background and well lit.

A plain white wall background also works well.

Audio is also important – if you can make sure your room is quiet, that would be great. In the shot above – Mark has a desk mic just in front of him. Your laptop mic will be fine if that’s all you have available.

On the day

You have hopefully now booked a slot to be interviewed and been sent a Zoom link. If not – please head back to the email you received and choose a convenient time.

Your interviewer will connect a couple of minutes before your allotted time and once you’ve connected, will help you to look great and confirm your job title. They’ll then turn off their camera (so not to distract), hit the record button and start the interview.

If you’re not happy with any answer – please say – and we can re-record – we want you to be proud of your responses. The interviewer may ask you to rephrase or repeat an answer, to make sure it as fluent as it can be.

Once complete, they’ll no doubt thank you for your time and will then work with our client to produce the various assets.

We absolutely aim to make this an enjoyable experience!

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