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Jamie Marshall of Everon with Dave Sutton

Everon – another happy Wingman client

"We've had more meetings and prospect meetings in the last 6 months, than we've ever had before ..."

Everon and Wingman – working in partnership

In the first of a series of video interviews with our amazing clients, we’re delighted to be able to feature Jamie Marshall, founding director of Everon. Jamie and his business partner, Stuart, founded Everon in 2008. They are based in a beautiful converted Mill in Leeds, in the north of the UK.

Jamie and his team have been working with Wingman since 2019. 

We worked with them on their messaging, created their website and now work hard on regular campaign creation and execution, including telemarketing follow ups.

Jamie spoke to us for 15 mins about our partnership. We’ve distilled it into 2 minutes for you below …

We believe that marketing is about creating relationships.

Our team is dedicated to helping MSPs map out and achieve their goals through marketing. 

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We’ll work closely with you to not only align a compelling message that’s tailored to your target audience, but help you through budgeting, targeting & measurement, while planning actionable campaigns too. 

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