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Your go-to-market, totally refined.

Start better engaging prospects for your MSP with a uniquely tailored proposition and marketing message, which has been designed to fit their challenges and desires.


Your MSP needs to be unique.

Before you invest time, money and energy in broadcasting messages towards your target audience, do you have a plan of what you want to say? Do you know the messages that will best resonate with your audience to cultivate their interest?  Without it, your efforts will likely not achieve the best results

What and how?

Our proven Message Builder will get you off to a flying start.

To tailor a strategy unique to your campaign and really stand your message apart from your peers, Wingman will work with you to ‘get under the skin’ of your business and your customers & target prospects alike; the research and insights from which the framework of messages, campaign activities and schedule will be derived.

Happy msp partners ACROSS THE GLOBE

“Spot on!

Wingman provided me with an excellent outsider’s perspective of my whole go-to-market proposition and pricing.

I am now ready and far more confident to start engaging the market at-large to grow my MSP.”

Davide Santangelo, CEO | TipTop IT, London, UK.


“Well received!

We have been able to re-shape how we best present our value to clients and prospects alike.

We can now position a unique approach to the target audience of our MSP.”

Melvin Lim, Manager | AsiaCloud, Singapore.

Your Message Builder ...

Discovery session

We get under the skin of your business - map out your ethos, values and processes, while also exploring the customers you serve and the value you bring them; to identify what makes you unique.

Industry research & strategy

We will then conduct research and study the best go-to-market strategy. This exercise helps form your marketing messages that are best shaped to the intended target audience. Getting this platform right is key both on day 1 and day 1,000. It's a living, breathing thing which we will help you to keep live and engaging.

Create a campaign plan

We will handover to you the framework messages and strategy to you should look to implement in your marketing campaigns (whether with Wingman as your partner or not).

Create an action plan

Within the documentation we will present to you, will be a tangible set of actions for you to undertake that will immediately level-up your whole proposition, website, branding and go-to-market activities.

All for only...

£749 / US$895

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