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Multi-touch campaign activities

Multi-touch campaign activities

How can I keep nurturing interest of my pipeline?

Multi-touch marketing campaign activities

Unless you’re incredibly lucky with the timing of your first touchpoint… a multitude of contacts points is often necessary to build interest & convert new business.

To ensure your brand stands apart & remains in the mindset of your prospective customers, you will need to build a repeat series of touchpoints across a variety of marketing mediums (including email, social, paid ads, content and importantly – a human follow-up).

Be considerate with your timing – there’s nothing worse than being hounded, especially if your profiling has indicated that the buyer is genuinely not in the market due to current contractual commitments elsewhere.

Appropriately manage your data & silo your contacts in the right funnel – keep them on the right cadence of messages for them. Avoid beating that same drum – ‘variety is the spice of life’ as they say, mix up your messaging over time.


People buy from people, and that’s still relevant today.

The marketing engine is great for brand awareness, education and to convert commoditized type sales, but without a human intervention – you’re missing out on learning whether your marketing messages are working, what your competitors are up to and the opportunity to handle any questions or objections.

If your product/service is not entirely consumer mass market & it’s a game of playing the numbers, you’ll likely have a refined set of target customers that you need relationships with.

From a human follow-up, ensure you gain insights to refine your messaging and critically set a next-action step to re-engage with each prospect – moving them along the pipeline.

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