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How to Differentiate Your IT Support Proposition

How to Differentiate Your IT Support Proposition: A Guide for MSPs and IT Service Providers

Many MSPs feel a lack of inspiration and clarity when it comes to differentiating their IT support services from other providers in the market. We hear often they aren’t sure how they are different, and not only that, how to present these differences. If this is you, you’re in luck!

When we onboard MSP clients and start working with them to dig up and find their gold, there’s more than a few nuggets to work with. In this mini-blog, you’ll get 8 ideas for differentiating your IT support services from other providers. Let’s jump in.

The Differentiation Problem in a Nutshell for IT Support Providers

Whether you’re an MSP or an IT service provider, you know well that all the other providers talk about the same things: personal and proactive service. The trouble is, not everyone in the market is happy!

Potential clients are also finding it hard to distinguish providers both in terms of the performance that they can offer and the personality and relational aspects of the potential partnership.

Buying and selling is really about trust, and you can provide more means to trust your business to your prospects by bringing out your personality and more deeply demonstrating your value in ways that other providers are not. Here’s some ideas for inspiration:

Showcase The Numbers!

Most MSPs and IT support providers are not showcasing their numbers, which can be a missed opportunity to garner trust and differentiate your website from other MSPs.

You may need to clean up your data and bring it together, but if you can use numbers of various kinds, like years in business, average response and resolution times, ticket satisfaction rates, or average client retention, you’ll set your business up as a transparent partner who isn’t afraid to walk the talk to your prospects and keep them safe at night.

Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee can feel risky but ultimately empower accountability and greater strength in your IT support proposition. It lowers perceived and actual risk for your prospects but may call for a better qualification process too (every industry has bad clients, and a satisfaction guarantee can be a source of irritation here!).

A satisfaction guarantee can present risk in terms of refunds and demands, but the reality is that these guarantees are rarely taken undue advantage of by clients, so if you’re looking for a way to stand out and encourage stand-out service, a guarantee could be useful to you.

Bundling Cyber Security, Compliance, and IT Consulting into Your Offering

Some providers are standing out by offering inclusive and comprehensive packages that bring together the key elements that many growing and regulated businesses need today. What are these components?

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cyber security
  • IT road mapping, consulting, and strategy (vCIO)
  • More rarely, things like Microsoft 365 consulting, business process automation, and so on.

This is not a new approach at all! There are many frameworks out there that can help you to achieve this through aligning the operational and marketing aspects together so that your service adds more value, tells a compelling story, while enriching the profitability and scalability for your business.

Offer SLA guarantees or Estimates

A lot of business owners and IT managers are concerned about whether the grass will be greener on the other side. After all, with every MSP or outsourced IT provider talking a good game combined with a lack of know-how to easily differentiate potential providers, it’s understandable that they have this caution, and even why many businesses will not switch providers easily.

One way to help them feel comfortable is to give them an indication or even guarantee for key performance indicators like response and resolution times. This gives them a helpful yardstick they can use against their current provider and other providers. If you don’t give that yardstick and another provider does, it’s likely that will play more to their favour.

Offering Tailorable Packages

You’ve probably heard 1st or 2nd hand of clients wanting their IT support service to be customised more closely to their needs. After all, how can you get maximum IT ROI without the service precisely accommodating for needs and goals?

By making your packages well-structured but customisable (within reason!), you’re be more likely to win deals because you’ll offer more value in proportion to price. On the other hand, sometimes it’s better to educate your prospects as to why including certain features is in their best interests, but this doesn’t need to contradict making your managed IT service packages tailorable.

Connect Your Customers to Their Favourite Techs

An aspect that introduces some appealing novelty and better outcomes. You can structure your IT support service to allow your customers to reach their favourite techs whenever they need them.

This offers more personalisation in how the service is delivered in the day-to-day, empowers better experiences for client teams, and ultimately happier, long-term clients.

Include Industry-Specific Features

Do some of your clients need compliant-by-design IT because of their regulatory requirements? Do some need support with specialist hardware or software? Make it crystal clear that your IT support can cater to these needs!

Whether it’s a dedicated industry specific page or a section covering some industries on your IT support services page, by making it clear you know and speak their business’s language, you win over more trust and stand out.

Bring out the Personality!

In our experience, usually an IT service provider with warm, enthusiastic, and service-oriented language will be more likely to have appeal compared to a provider that talks like most other providers out there (tone: professional, conversational, educational).

While every provider should embrace their own personality and way, if you feel there’s a discrepancy between the culture and feeling-tone of your IT support service and the content of your IT support pages and assets, it may be worth revisiting them to make them more exciting and endearing for your prospects.

Leverage Customer Testimonials on Your IT Support Page

Leverage Customer Testimonials on Your IT Support Page

Some MSPs have customer testimonials on their homepage and something like a ‘happy clients’ page, but may not be using customer testimonials on their IT support page or elsewhere.

You can source testimonials using CSAT tools like Customer Thermometer, Google Reviews, proactively contacting clients to get their feedback, encouraging quote-gathering with your IT support team, and more. You can then start to use these quotes to bring the selling points of your service to life!

Final Thoughts

While the MSP and IT services industries are thriving, they are incredibly competitive and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd at the ground level. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for standing your IT support proposition out both in and beyond your website!

Want to do the same thing for your MSP’s marketing as a whole and position yourself for success? Book a complementary website review and action plan from Wingman to take-off your marketing to new heights!

That’s all for now, see you next time!

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