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How To Deal With Ghosting: A Guide For MSPs

Virtually every MSP under the sun has dealt with ghosting from prospects at some point, so today we’re going to shine a light on it so that you don’t have to lose sales opportunities (nor peace of mind!) to the radio silence. In this blog, we’re going to share some of our top tips and tricks for dealing with ghosting. Let’s jump in!

Just like its parallel in the dating world, ghosting in B2B sales refers to the sudden disappearance of a prospect or client without any explanation or communication. It’s a frustrating and often puzzling experience that can leave us asking ourselves what went wrong and how we should navigate this silent void.

Through our teams’ years of experience, we have seen our fair share of ghosting. Here are a few of our thoughts on the subject…

Some people are just plain rude – we must accept that.

Accepting that some people may behave rudely doesn’t mean condoning or excusing their actions. Instead, it involves acknowledging that we cannot control how others behave, but we can control how we respond. In sales, resilience and perseverance are key.

The majority of people are not rude – it’s worth remembering that too and if you start from that point, if nothing else, it makes you feel better about the world around us.

Things change – circumstances change – priorities change – it happens. Some people are just not great at even remembering to follow up – they are disorganised and under pressure. It’s not done out of malice, even though it might feel like that.

It’s essential to recognise that everyone comes from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. While some individuals may exhibit behaviours that we perceive as rude, it’s crucial to approach these situations with empathy and understanding.

Give it a week and then send a friendly check in to ensure the email has got through.

As a business who work with MSPs alone, please pity us. Sending emails into MSP infrastructure isn’t always straight forward. It is a minefield of overzealous email blockers left, right and centre!

It is always best to approach with a side of caution, remember, you are NOT chasing, you are checking in, making sure all is okay. You are not a pushy salesman, you are a caring partner, helping them to look after their business’ best interests. The book “They ask, you answer” lays this out really well.

Here’s a suggested template from us…

“It’s been a week since I sent over that proposal. I’d hate you to think we’d not followed up / responded … I’m not after any immediate decisions – but would be really grateful if you could confirm receipt so that I can leave you in peace for a bit. “

Or if you can, make it personal, like so…

“We’ve just published this article I thought might be helpful – as we were talking about xyz” … “I thought this new case study we’ve just published might be helpful” … “Saw this and thought of you”.

This way – you move the conversation from nagging to adding more value. Decent people will see that and possibly feel guilty about their lack of response – and then respond – we see that a lot.

Gut feelings come into play on timings of future nudges and emails – everyone is different – trust your instincts.

While data-driven strategies are valuable, there are moments when your intuition can provide essential guidance. Remember, your instincts are refined through your experience and insight. They can often provide effective insights that data alone may not capture. So, trust yourself, listen to your gut, and let it be your compass.

A month in – after a couple of attempts – we suggest you stop wasting your time.

Take it off your plate, make space for those who are responsive and want to work with you. Whilst it might be frustrating, sending the email below is therapeutic.

“Real shame I’ve not heard back from you – I’m guessing something has changed for you – and hope everything’s OK. We make a point of not hounding people, therefore I’m going to remove this project from our radar now – you won’t hear from me again. If things change in the future – please feel free to get in touch – but for now – I wish you all the best for the future.”

In our experience, very often, this elicits an almost immediate response with an apology. If it doesn’t – it doesn’t matter – move on. Find the right people to work with.

Look at it like this – if they’ve not had the good manners to send a one liner email within a month – what will they be like to work with in the future?!

A final personal anecdote from LAST WEEK.

We sent a proposal to a company here in the UK back in October 2023. The above process played out – we sent the final email in January.

Last week Mark, our director, was speaking at an event in Birmingham, UK. He received an email out of the blue from this company. The owner had travelled 300 miles to be at this event – “mainly to meet you – as I saw you were speaking” … Mark had a good chat with him, and he gave him the go ahead right there and then. Truly bizarre, but the rich tapestry of life.

Navigating ghosting in sales can be a challenge and it has helped us learn some valuable lessons. Understanding that everyone’s circumstances differ helps us approach ghosting situations with empathy. Rather than endlessly chasing responses, we know it is important to focus on adding value to communications and trusting your instincts to guide you in the process.

Knowing when to contact prospects and when to let go is all part of the process, allowing you to respect your own time and prioritise responsive leads. In the end, it is about maintaining your commitment to consistency, politeness, and keeping your self-respect to ensure that you can continue and succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of MSP sales.

Please remember to always be polite and courteous. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Be consistent with your approach and the good people will always win in the end!

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