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MSP Secrets Revealed – Episode #2 secret submissions page

Mark Copeman published the original MSP Secrets Revealed book in April 2020.
It’s time to curate Episode #2 – with your help.

Read on to find out how to be part of the new project and get yourself a signed, free copy. 

“Full of gems and inspiring – I’ve already started implementing. It’s refreshing to hear from others to reaffirm those things we do, as well as offer insight into areas you wish to improve.”

– Amazon reviewer

Episode #1

In 2019, I started curating, interviewing and cajouling secrets from 84 brilliant IT professionals from right across the world. In April 2020, as the global pandemic hit, MSP Secrets Revealed was published, and contained 244 pages, with 101 secrets spread across multiple subjects.

Several thousand copies have sold and people have been asking me for a while, when episode #2 will be arriving.

With your help, the answer to that question will be October 2023.

Episode #2 – what to submit?

Share some wisdom with your peers around the world – to stop them making the same mistakes you have …

  • if you’ve a personal story of success or failure …
  • a piece of operational advice …
  • recruitment advice …
  • an M&A story …
  • sales/marketing tactics (which have worked or failed) …
  • a team management tip …
  • a routine tip …
  • a commercial or legal tip …
  • a story about dealing with your mental health (business is hard, right?) …

… anything really which will help a fellow MSP business owner succeed.

Click the button below to open a Google Form, where you’ll be able to submit your secret via your keyboard or via a voice file. There’s an option to remain anonymous and there are a couple of anciliary questions too. Finally, you’ll be prompted for your postal address.

If your submission is successful, a shiny new signed copy of the new book (likely Sept 2023) will magically land on your doormat, as a thank you, for you to learn and grow from.

Thank you in advance for getting involved. It means the world.

Mark Copeman

Submit your secret(s) here

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Click here to open up a Google form.
Be part of something unique in our industry.

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