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Personalis/zed, monthly social and blog content for time-poor MSPs

We know you don't have the time. We've created the solution.

Create the right impression with your prospects - show them you're ahead of the game with 'done-for-you' content marketing, direct to your social media feeds and website.

"I really appreciate the thought out
and well written content."

Jesse Hill, Tier 3 IT Solutions

One less thing to worry about

Content marketing taken care of .

We get it. Running an MSP is hard – you’ve a hundred priorities and content marketing isn’t one of them.

However, unless your marketing operating system is effective, you’ll be one of those MSPs who relies purely on referrals and we know you know that’s not a good thing in the long term.

Social media and content creation for your website is the first step towards getting noticed. Regular publication of content ensures you stand up to scrutiny when you’re checked out by curious prospects. 

If your “Latest news” shows a last article from 2022, what does that say about your business to visitors keen to check out your business?

We have a simple, cost-effective solution for time-poor MSPs.

It’s your very own content as a service – Content Autopilot. 

  • Sign up online today.
  • Content plan delivered in 7 working days
  • Social media feeds live within 2 weeks
  • Your first blog posts live within 4 weeks.

If we don’t deliver, we’ll refund your first month.

What and how?

The devil is in the detail.  Find out exactly what’s included in your monthly service below:
  • We’ll connect to your company Linkedin, Facebook and/or X (Twitter account):
    As part of your simple onboarding service, we’ll ask for your credentials.
  • We’ll connect to your company’s WordPress website:
    Again, we’ll do this during onboarding. If you’d prefer us not to be an admin, that’s OK – editor access will be fine. 
  • You’ll choose your content preferences:
    We think it’s right for you to select some themes for the first six months, which we can work with. Beyond that, we’ll continue to offer you flexibility. 
  • We’ll create a content plan:
    And we’ll do this within a week and get it back to you for approval. If you’d like to tweak it – we’re listening.
  • We’ll create a custom Call to Action banner for your approval:
    This will be included at the bottom of each blog post produced. It’s yours to own.

Your service will then begin.

  • We’ll produce 2 x social media posts / week:
    We’ll include graphics and text and pick up on tech themes around the world each month as well as tailoring content to your preferences. Blog posts will of course be shared as part of the post set ups.
  • We’ll produce 2 x circa 1,000 word blog posts / month:
    Articles will be based around themes chosen and/or will be focused around your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) preferences, such as “IT Support in Atlanta.” 
  • Imagery:
    Each blog post will have a custom featured image added alongside the content.
  • SEO optimised:
    Each blog post will have custom meta and tags added.
  • You’re in control:
    We’ll provide a draft of the first post for your approval – feel free to edit as you see fit. Once approved, we’ll publish on your behalf.
    Ongoing – you’re of course free to tweak a published blog post. It’s a simple task within your WordPress back-end. 

After 6 months, we’ll arrange a Teams call with you, to review progress and shape content for the next 6 months.

This content is yours to own and use as you need, regardless of how long you use our service (which we hope is a long time).

"Just brilliant, really well written, great content!"

Sophie Cook, Spherica

All of this for just… £399 / US$499 / CAD$699 / A$759 / month

No commitment – cancel any time.

You have questions ... we have answers...


We love the many content providers out there - however, their content is 'syndicated'. This means that there are 100's of copies of the same article scattered around the Internet and the original creator must be credited.

The upside - it's cheap content to add to your site.

The downsides - Google won't ever provide duplicate results in its search pages and so the articles will never contribute to your SEO efforts.
You get what you're given. You don't choose the content. Of course you could customis/ze it yourself - but that takes time and energy and is where we come in.


We'll give you some content themes to choose from. We'll prompt for your tone of voice and content preferences during onboarding.

We'll also ask about relevant case studies, vendor relationships and more ...

We'll also provide the drafts of all content in advance and we'll only publish on your say-so.

If you'd rather not - that's fine too. We can just make it happen.


Again - we love these guys. These types of services provide generic content and imagery for you to choose, download, customise and then use appropriately on social media and your website.

We provide unique content for you AND deliver it through the relevant mechanisms.

It's 100% done for you (because you don't have time, remember?!) 

While we, as most companies these days, use AI tools to help us do our jobs more effectively, your content will never be copied and pasted from AI tools.

Real humans are in charge of our content production 🙂

It's why we ask for your content preferences, so that we can tailor to suit you.

We work with many of the vendors in the market - we know how valuable their content portals can be. However, we're constantly asked by MSPs to log in, find the right content, customise it (so it's unique) and then publish it on their behalf.

Whilst the content is great, it requires regular work and effort on your behalf. 

Wingman Autopilot aims to alleviate that work. 

If you would like - we can use your favo(u)rite vendor portal as a basis for your content campaign - just let us know and delegate access to us.  

Wingman works with MSPs across the English-speaking world.

If you're in the US, we know to use personalization.
If you're in the UK, we know to use personalisation.
If you're in Australia, we know that thongs are in fact flip flops.
And if you're in Canada, we know that you prefer a 'holiday' to a 'vacation'.

In short, we'll make sure that your country-specific content is delivered, as you would expect it to be.

Of course.

We'll guide you through the process after you've signed up.

You'll have a support email address for use at any time and we're not afraid to pick up the phone if that helps.

Content marketing when you have time.

Content marketing done.

We make it easy to get started ...

Simple onboarding

Enter your company details and credentials - we like things to be as slick as possible - just like you do.

Tell us about your content preferences

Choose from our pick list - you tell us what's most relevant to your audience. We'll also ask you about your preferred tone of voice preferences too. We'll prompt for your location so we can generate SEO-focused content too.

Enter your payment card details

We accept all major credit and debit cards and can take secure payment via our Stripe checkout.

It's as simple as that!

We'll be back to you within 7 working days with your content plan. Your social media feed will start a week after that and you can expect your first month's blog posts within two weeks from your content plan.

Take away the pain of content creation today
for just £399 // US$499 // C$699 // A$759 per month

Get started with Wingman's Autopilot today

No commitment. Cancel any time.
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