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All the details you need to know about your service with Wingman. If you have a question that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Content Campaigns

Each month we will create and publish the prescribed set of content marketing assets as detailed in your package.

The blog content is at the heart of the campaign, with the other assets produced around that same message designed to attract engagement with the blog content itself.

Wingman take care of the whole process – from deciding upon the theme, writing the unique copy to designing and publishing all of the assets.

Everything is produced and designed to your company brand, message, ethos and values etc.

Unless you have opted to take a Message Builder service from us, within which the campaign themes will be built-out to your target markets and campaign priorities; Wingman will select relevant and timely campaign messages for your content campaigns.


To enable us to deliver tailored, unique content, but within a modest budget – we need to have reasonable control over the output.

Despite taking the lead on the content themes and production, we do welcome input from our clients. We will do our best to accommodate any of your requests, provided they are not deemed too niche or specialist outside of our core experience. Any such requests may be facilitated at extra cost, however .

During your onboarding, we will confirm a go-live date when your first block of campaign content assets will be produced and published.

From then on, the content will be produced at a similar date and time each month – give or take 2-3 days depending on weekends and public holidays.

Access may be provided to our RADAR CRM dashboard, within which a task status grid will be shown to demonstrate the ‘live’ status and progress on the functions we undertake each month.

We are mindful that uniqueness is critical not only to your brand proposition, but SEO too. Which is why everything that we produce, despite being to similar topics and themes across the client base we serve, is written from scratch.

To put it simply, no. We operate on a first come, first served basis.

We are proud to have the integrity to not support two competing MSPs – be that by local geography, or industry vertical or size horizontal of businesses supported.

Should you ever wish to terminate your service, we do of course reserve the right to ‘re-sell’ that territory to another business, which may be a competitor of yours.

Typically, most of our clients have the trust and faith in our team to not need to proof content before it is published, however we appreciate that does not suit everyone.

Should you wish to proof the content first, we will create it and publish it to your website in ‘draft’ status, for you to edit, approve and publish yourself. As we ordinarily create and publish the content (plus any other accompanying assets, such as social media posts) at the same time, should you wish to proof the content before it goes public, our cadence of activity is paused – this may mean we need to ask you to publish that content and any social media posts – to avoid us being out of our routine schedule of production and publication.

No, unfortunately LinkedIn does not permit most, if not all, marketing automation engines from publishing content to personal LinkedIn profiles.

We do encourage you though to share the company posts on your own profile, (or re-post the content manually yourself as an original post from your profile), to make sure it reaches a wider audience.

We select relevant and timely news content from the technology community, which may be of interest to your prospects and customers – nothing too technical or boring, but news that could be relevant to users of tech.

This content is purposely published to your blog, which helps ensure any traffic from social is driven back to your website and not to third party sites. 

To avoid SEO plagiarism conflict, the content source is linked and credited in accordance with Google’s rules.

Message Builder

This is a single piece of consultancy work, which will help identify the unique value and benefits of your proposition – and document that ready for the initiation of any sales or marketing activity.

During this exercise, we will also collect, write and design three case study pieces from your customer base to get any marketing campaigns off to a flying start.

You will be provided with a Messaging Strategy document, a Marketing Campaign messaging framework, the three case studies, along with our advice and guidance on where to get started with your campaigns.

Most within the industry are guilty of starting the process of growing their business in reverse – broadcasting messages and hoping to attract new business, before taking the time to understand and identify the audience, ensuring that your marketing messaging is relevant from the get-go.

So, before you rush into investing in any sales or marketing activity, you want to make sure you fully understand and have distilled your proposition and messaging.

With the Message Builder complete, you can either take our advice and framework to start implementing the campaigns yourself – provided you have the time and resources, take it to your preferred agency, or work with Wingman to spearhead the strategy for you!

Prospect Builder

Before a sales campaign, (with any hope of spotting, qualifying and converting new business opportunities), can truly be underway – you must first identify, acquire and build value within an audience.

With a quality audience pool of prospects, as opposed to suspects, you stand a much greater chance of ensuring your time, energy and money is not only better spent on marketing to the right set of businesses that are both a fit for you, and you a fit for them; but, also stand a much greater chance of spotting timely new business opportunities.

The Prospect Builder service is designed to acquire a pool of suspect data, engage and qualify that data from unknown entities, to prospective customers that are ready to be pipelined and primed for further sales & marketing nurturing.

You will be provided with a pool of x number of organisations that fit your target demographic, have qualified contact details and other profiling information – ensuring any money and energy you spend on sales & marketing activity towards an audience, is worthwhile.

Having this number of prospects, also helps you to understand the market opportunity and map targets accordingly.

We use a number of company data house sources, in addition to online digital data engines, to identify the quantity and quality of target suspect organisations required to build an audience of prospects. LinkedIn is used alongside these tools to map the target contacts to those organisations.

Data is sourced in a GDPR-complaint way – in accordance to the Legitimate Interest clause.

Any and all data we source is yours as our client – upon full and final payment.

Any intelligence we gather during the Prospect Builder exercise will be provided to you within a .csv format for import to your CRM. Access can also be provided – as a part of any ongoing service relationship – to our flagship CRM platform, RADAR.

A suspect organisation is a business that we suspect will have a requirement or interest in your services. The demographic, (the target lookalike component critiera – i.e. location, size, industry), will be mapped to your requirements and all data sourced to that specification.

A prospect organisation is one that has been identified as a business that meets your criteria, has an identified IT decision making contact, and has a number of other, (campaign specifically relevant), profiling questions answered.

Before we begin the service, we will map out the total number of prospect organisations we will provide.

To achieve this target, we will reach out to an audience of suspects that are around 60-70% larger than the prospect target figure.

Any data of suspect organisations we have failed to qualify-in as a prospect, will also be provided to you, (with any intelligence we have managed to gather), as a target to contact.


Once you have successfully gathered your target audience from our Prospect Builder service, you are ready to start your sales and/or marketing campaign efforts!

Wingman can move straight away into delivering a campaign towards this very audience, or, the audience can be supplied to you for your own internal team or other external partner.


Our telemarketing service provides a consistent telephone-based engagement with your target pool of prospects. Following-up, asking questions, gathering intelligence, spotting pain points, identifying & qualifying opportunities into scheduled appointments for you where possible.

Depending on your arrangement with us, you may have a block of hours, from which your calling activity is delivered. Alternatively, if you joined us more recently, you will have a fixed-fee arrangement, which has been built to deliver a minimum number of connected telephone calls to the target audience (based on a ratio of reaching out to the audience at least an average of 3 times within each month).

Despite living in a heavily digitised age, the phone remains the only form of sales or marketing effort that permits you the ability to ask questions, build a rapport and cultivate opportunities all within one engagement window.

Without the phone, you are reliant on the market being motivated enough to reach out and contact you directly – while that may provide highly motivated prospects, it also positions your engagement with a prospect much, much later in the sales process. By ‘owning’ your market, and being proactively in contact with them ahead of them having a requirement, you will be sure to be engaged with them considerably earlier in the sales cycle.

Lead opportunities are graded to industry standards of MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).

An MQL is a possible opportunity that requires further engagement, qualification and time to come to fruition. However, there has been an identified contact and the potential for an opportunity having been identified – it’s just early stage.

An SQL is much more qualified and will often meet ‘BANT’ criteria,  (budget, authority, need and timing), before being scheduled as an appointment for you.

While we unfortunately do not possess the ability to read a crystal ball, (with the unknowns of an investment in any sales or marketing activity being considerable), we do have experience and can advise on guide industry averages achieved on our other campaigns.

It is not uncommon for relatively immature campaigns to develop a 2-3% conversion from prospect to MQL/SQL over a 6-month cycle. While these numbers are not huge, they are realistic given the number of components that need to line-up in order to generate new business in the technology space – especially given the vast majority of our target prospects will be in an active commitment or demonstrate considerable loyalty to their incumbent provider.

Check out our YouTube channel for more of an understanding of our advice and formation of target figures and expectations.

Once an appointment has been scheduled for you, we will handover the full details and background of engagement with that prospect to-date.

It is then up to you and your team to engage and follow-up with that prospect to propose and close the new business! Wingman are here to support along the way where we can.

Brand and Website Builders

Our Brand and Website Builder services will provide you with a streamlined and cost effective means of generating a new brand image or web presence.

Within the fixed-fee, we will provide the specified assets in a timely manor.

The process of delivering either of these services is as follows:

  1. Initial design brief – we will work with you to understand what are your likes, dislikes and feelings surrounding your brand image, ethos, values and proposition
  2. We will then provide an initial draft brand / web proposal for your critique 
  3. We will then revise  (as required) and provide a perfected version
  4. Once approved, we will then continue the build-out of the rest of the asset/s

Note that we do not provide numerous template options, but instead work closely on one design theme that best mirrors your requirements as detailed within the brief. At times, we may get it wrong, which we’ll work to rectify. However, in most occasions, we’re pretty close to the mark with our first design proposition and only need to make minor amendments to perfect it to your desires.